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What We Do

Our mission is to ensure, by continually providing high standards of training and encouraging a high level of commitment from all of our employees, that PharSafer® provides quality Pharmacovigilance and Medical Services to our clients.  The aim is by having such exacting standards that we can help protect patients from any untoward adverse events and risks, maximising patient benefits and minimising patient risk.

PharSafer® also strives to provide quality Medical Information Services to ensure that accurate and up to date information is provided promptly to Healthcare professionals and patients to ensure client medicines are used properly to ensure maximum patient benefit. As the product knowledge evolves so PharSafer® can help maintain the changes to product information to ensure the most current information is used when answering medical enquiries.

Setting the Industry Standards

To ensure that PharSafer® provides all clients with quality Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Services, we are committed to employing only the best people and applying the highest standards to our training across the company. This means that we deliver only the best possible level of both quality and service to our Clients.

Experience in Sectors

PharSafer® is continually expanding its reach in terms of the number of countries in which it conducts Pharmacovigilance, Medical & Regulatory activities and provides support for client companies. All of our technical people have scientific, pharmacy, nursing or medical first degrees or higher and all receive thorough training in Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information when they join the Company. Training is also on-going, developmental and includes competency testing and refresher training both on processes and the complex global legislation. PharSafer® encourages learning via in-house training, external courses, conference attendance and Regulatory seminars.

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