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Jul 29

PharSafer & COVID-19

PharSafer is pleased to announce that we will be involved in a clinical development programme, looking at a vaccine for COVID-19. International trials are underway and there are aggressive timelines in order to hopefully get a vaccine to licensure this year.

PharSafer will be helping in the safety and medical aspects, as part of this programme, with our involvement including the providing of advice and expertise in setting up the pharmacovigilance operations; training and processes, as well as involvement on risk assessments and contractual processes.

Additionally, we are advising on the medical affairs aspects that will need to be set up and managed, for such an important launch, to ensure correct information is provided to Healthcare Professionals and patients, post-authorisation.

Over the coming months, PharSafer will also be revealing some other new and interesting projects that we are undertaking, in the areas of Pharmacovigilance (clinical and post-marketing) and Medical Affairs.

For more emerging information on this vitally important development programme, and for all PharSafer industry updates, please follow us on our designated LinkedIn page or visit our website.

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