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Aug 27

MedDRA MSSO Webinar Summary – Upcoming Changes in Version 23.1

On the 26th August 2020, MedDRA MSSO hosted a webinar on the subject of changes made for the upcoming MedDRA version 23.1.

In summary of this webinar, it has been confirmed that the English version of MedDRA version 23.1 is set to become available on the 1st September 2020, in addition to various other languages set to follow on the 15th September 2020, with Chinese, Korean and Spanish versions of the Points-to-Consider Companion Documents – based on the former version 23.o and extensively updated with additional examples on the topic of medication errors – also set to be released as soon as these respective translations are completed. The forecasted completion date for all works is currently set for October 2020, with a section dedicated to product quality terms to be added in Q4 2020.

With regards to new features, two new SMQs have been introduced, for COVID-19 and for immune mediated/autoimmune disorders, in addition to a further 60 COVID-19 related terms being added, in addition to those already included in the re-release of 23.0, including the term for ‘drug shortages due to pandemic’.

As for training, MedDRA MSSO have communicated that their face-to-face training programme is currently on hold, due to various restrictions associated with the impact of COVID-19, and will be prioritising the scheduling of online tools, such as webinars, video-casts and a YouTube channel, as a means of delivering training.

During the webinar, MedDRA MSSO also made attendees aware of information for upcoming projects and advancements, with latest information of the Snowmed mapping project being that the project is continuing and a mapping project for ICD also being under discussion.

In addition to this, MedDRA MSSO also provided attendees with an overview of some upcoming, key webinars/panels that could be of significant interest:

  • Blue ribbon panel on MedDRA and Information Technology (10 Sep 2020, register by 08 Sep 2020) – open to register for all MedDRA subcribers.
  • European MedDRA User Group webinar (05 Nov 2020) – more information available here.

Furthermore, MedDRA MSSO has advised anyone seeking further information about the impact of COVID-19 to MedDRA, to visit their designated COVID-19 information page.

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