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To ensure that PharSafer® provides all clients with quality Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Services, we are committed to employing only the best people and applying the highest standards to our training across the company. This means that we deliver only the best possible level of both quality and service to our Clients.

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Case Studies from PharSafer®

Multi-national company – Critical inspection findings

A multi-national company approached PharSafer® following a Regulatory Pharmacovigilance Inspection in which there were critical findings and major findings in different parts of the company safety system.

PharSafer® was involved in producing the Corrective Action Plans and overseeing a number of aspects of the Inspection findings. This included SOP writing; training; PSUR/PBRER writing; data entry activities; literature searching and setting up the signal detection methodology.

PharSafer® staff were on site in various capacities for over five months to rectify the deficiencies and ensure activities were working properly prior to the re-inspection.

Expanding USA headquartered company – EU Acquisitions

A USA company wanted to expand into the EU market and was in the process of purchasing another Pharma company with affiliates in the EU.

PharSafer® was asked to perform a Due Diligence exercise of the company to verify the Pharmacovigilance systems in place and compliance levels within the company. This was to ensure that the acquiring company had confidence that the marketed products had been managed correctly in terms of compliance to legislation, benefit-risk assessments, procedures, PSURs, so that the company was aware of any potential safety issues.

PharSafer® was then responsible for helping with the integration processes with the parent company, devising the PSMF for the final PV set up, helping with staff training and writing SOPs.

EU biotech company – Advanced therapies product in multi-national clinical trials

PharSafer® was approached to be the CRO for safety monitoring for an advanced therapy being developed in the EU with multi-national clinical trials.

Due to the nature of the product and the type of disease, an Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) is in place and PharSafer® is responsible for the submission of SUSARs; Annual Safety Reports (DSURs), reports for the Ethics Committees/IRBs and provision of safety data for the IDMC as well as independent signal detection and benefit-risk assessments.

Multi-national company - First product to market

PharSafer® worked with a ‘first product to market’ company launching their first development product in Europe and the USA.

PharSafer® was involved with the clinical trial safety of the product through phases II and III; production of the safety sections of the Common Technical Document (CTD); production of the PSMF and Risk Management Plan Strategy for the license submission that occurred both in the USA and EU.

PharSafer® was selected as the full service provider for the company and is now, following license approvals in both regions, operating for multi-national safety reporting in the USA and Europe (and more countries) for the client company as well as serving as EU QP PV and Deputy.

Multi-national generics company

The company, located outside of the EU, had a number of licenses in the EU (and outside) and no Pharmacovigilance activities. Many of the products were commercialised via distribution partners. The Company had just been contacted by a well-known Regulatory Agency for a full Pharmacovigilance Inspection.

PharSafer® was approached to become the company’s full service provider for Pharmacovigilance and Medical Services. Immediately, PharSafer® sat down with the client and produced a project plan that took care of all of the current requirements for safety reporting (Eudravigilance registration, setting up literature searches, advising on faxing over all ADRs from distributors.

PharSafer® also undertook a retrospective check of potential missed cases, literature searches, PSURs, safety reviews and a consolidation of the company SPCs especially because the company had no Core Safety Information.

PharSafer® then prepared documentation for electronic reporting, registration of our own QP for Pharmacovigilance and Deputy together with submitting safety reports that had been missed and PSURs and liaising with the Agency as the inspection approached.  Seven staff members worked for eight weeks continuously (including pizza weekends!) to get the client into a compliant position in readiness for the inspection. Although not all activities had been fully completed (we were about 90% towards having everything resolved) we managed to ensure the client had no critical findings and the

Regulators were able to see we had produced a compliant Pharmacovigilance system for the client moving forward. This included having all safety reporting plans, PSUR schedules, core safety information complete and compliance statistics now operating as well as safety agreements with the distributors.

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