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One Stop Shopping

The Concept

When PharSafer started, the main reason we did not offer all standard CRO services was Quality & Expertise. We know what we are good at and so focus on that for our clients.

To wander off into other areas where we had less knowledge would dilute our overall excellence and the service we offer to clients.

However, now our clients have the best of both worlds – full service (one stop shopping) and total expertise and guidance.

So, how does it work? Simple.

You let us know, what services you require from the checklist below. We then provide you with the services shopping list of specific items you may require so that we can quote you accurately for each aspect of that service for you.

We know what you are thinking? But that means I have all of the different Vendors to deal with in terms of their various services – wrong!

You will be allocated ONE Project co-ordinator whose function it is to collate all of the information and manage the Team of Services for you.  There are no additional costs for doing this either and all progress reports for each Service Provider appear on the Client Monthly Reports.  It could not be easier.

This is our way of offering more in terms of additional Services, but not diluting the expertise we can offer you with the talented individuals in each discipline.

The goal of the one stop shop is to:

  • Maintain specific global expertise in each discipline – vital for Project goals and timelines
  • Provide a single point of contact and single monthly progress report for client review
  • Co-ordinate several different functions to ensure increased efficiency and streamlined information
  • Ensure all parties are up to speed simultaneously with any new developments and can demonstrate flexibility and reactivity together for Project milestones
  • Reduce overheads and save time by close working and greater productivity
  • Help reduce stress levels!

The One Stop Shop

This page should not be used to provide any information concerning adverse reactions or medical enquiries. This page is purely intended for questions relating to PharSafer® as a company.

Medical Services
Regulatory Strategy
Clinical Support:
  -Site Monitoring/CRA Training
  -Patient Recruitment/Study Designs
  -Data Management

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