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Medical Services

Many Pharmaceutical Companies are not aware of the requirement to provide a medical information service for their marketed products, in addition to safety reporting (92/28 EEC; 2001/83 et al).

In many situations, the Medical Information Department are the first call for enquiries that also contain adverse reaction reports or reports concerning usage of the product in pregnancy and off-label usage (e.g. paediatric usage, different dosage regimens, unapproved indications) as well as highlighting potential medication errors.

It is therefore imperative that a service be in place to provide balanced, detailed, up to date and accurate information on the company product(s).

PharSafer® is able to provide its clients with monthly analyses of the types of reports received, using these to build new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), answers and provide factual information on the usage of the product in relation to off label usage.

PharSafer® can provide the following services:

  • Call handling (including out of hours) for medical enquiries including drug safety adverse reaction reports
  • Production of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Standard Company responses to medical enquiries, including designing complex enquiry handling
  • Physician as well as scientific support
  • Multi-lingual capability
  • Medical Information and Safety updates to Company Sales Representatives and Partners
  • Competitor Analyses
  • Articles relating to disease treatments (new rationales for treatments of the diseases for the Company products)
  • Patient Registry Programmes information and support for standard questions relating to the programme
  • Promotional (advertising) literature production and sign off.

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